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Installation and Setup

Price: $299.00
Note: None
If you need an XCENT technician to setup and install the application on your site or server, this is the service you are looking for. We charge the above flat fee per occurance to setup and install any/all of your registered XCENT applications on your site. This includes getting the application(s) running on your server, coordinating anything that might need to be done between you and your ISP, and the creation of your HTML template(s) from an existing site design. It does not include the creation or design of new graphics or static HTML pages; or any customization of the application's code base. Once your order is received, an XCENT representative will forward you a questionaire about the various major options that the application can be configured for. Once we receive your response to the questionaire, we can schedule when your application can be setup and installed on your site.