Free ASP web server scripts and utilities.

QuickAuction210.zipupdated: 9/25/2003
QuickAuction is a completely FREE ASP auction application. Add simple auctions to your site right now.
QuickClassifieds200.zipupdated: 9/25/2003
QuickClassified is a completely FREE ASP web server application for displaying and managing a simple list of classified ads on a web site.
QuickNews200.zipupdated: 9/25/2003
QuickNews is a completely FREE ASP web server application to display and manage a simple list of news articles on a web site.
QuickQuotes100.zipupdated: 9/20/2002
Free use ASP application to display random quotes on a web page/site.
xcDiag353.zipupdated: 5/26/2011
Free use utility to get information on and diagnose your IIS web server. Detects commonly used components and scripting engine versions.
xcDiagCAPICOM301.zipupdated: 2/25/2005
Free utility that can be run on your IIS web server to determine the installed version of Microsoft CAPICOM and what encryption providers and key lengths are installed and supported on your server.